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Cruise and Stay holidays allow you to experience not just one but two of life’s getaway luxuries. Firstly, you get to enjoy all that a cruise has to offer, all the facilities, activities, and the excitement of being out on the sea. 

Secondly, you still get to explore various destinations and stay in some swanky hotels. It’s the best of both types of getaways! 

So, if you’re wanting to spend more than one day at a stop-off destination or if you’re a first-time cruiser, then Cruise and Stay holidays are the perfect choice for you. 

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Cruise and Stay Holiday Deals 

Our Cruise and Stay Holiday Deals allow you to experience not just one but two of life’s getaway luxuries. Firstly, you get to enjoy all that a cruise has to offer, all the facilities, activities, and the excitement of being out on the open seas. Secondly, you will still get to explore various destinations and stay in some fantastic hotels. These holidays provide the best of both worlds at a great price.  So, if you’re looking to get more value for money from your next holiday, it could be the right time to combine city breaks with a relaxing cruise to some of the world’s most popular ports. Experience the thrill of cities that never sleep and exotic paradise islands where you can relax with a great book and leave all your cares behind.  Please have a browse through our cruise and stay package destinations below and explore the selection of memorable trips on offer.  

Experience the best of both worlds 

One of the many great things about our Cruise and Stay Holiday Deals is their versatility. For example, some of your travelling party may want to savour the buzz of big cities like New York and Los Angeles. On the other hand, others may want nothing more than to chill out and be pampered aboard a luxury cruise liner headed for the sunny Caribbean. A Cruise & Stay Experience from Viva Cruise will ensure everyone’s happy and gets what they want from their precious time off.  Whether you’re going on a family holiday or planning an overseas celebration with friends for a big birthday or retirement, there’s a Cruise & Stay Holiday to suit your requirements. Either browse by destination above or give us a call with what you’re looking for, and our holiday team will do the rest.  

Make even more holiday memories 

Have you ever felt like your holiday was missing something when you returned home? The good news is that our Cruise and Stay Holidays allow you to make a whole host of different memories on dry land and at sea.  While the cruise amenities provide unique experiences, you might want to explore a bit more. All of our itineraries combine the best travel destinations with luxury cruises in one single getaway. You never have to settle for just one type of vacation with Cruise and Stay Holidays.  While you’re on board, you can have fun on the high seas. Most cruises have water parks and pools you can cool off in and plenty of evening entertainment to keep you busy, including live music, comedy, cinemas and theatre shows. Let’s not forget the tasty buffets, fine dining and other available options. There’s no need to worry about travelling because everything is within walking distance of your cabin or suite.  With Cruise and Stay Holidays, you aren’t limited to just that. You’ll also spend a few nights in and around your chosen destination for a complete travel experience. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about all the details and the planning. Simply book one of our amazing packages, and we’ll take care of the rest for you. Nothing is too much trouble for us, as you can see from our Trustpilot reviews.  

Let your imagination run wild 

Need to tick off a few more destinations on your bucket list? As a Cruise and Stay traveller, you can visit a wide array of ports related to your cruise itinerary while knowing that once you return to the ship, there are still a host of amenities available to you.  From Europe with all its culture and cuisines, Alaska, if you’re wilder at heart and want to experience mother nature and all its beautiful wildlife, to America for the excitement and glamour, there are Cruise and Stay holidays perfect for anyone.  If you’re after a more tropical vibe, there’s the beautiful Bermuda or the Middle East to experience Dubai in all its glory. All of these options and more are available. The only question is, where should you go first?  If you’ve not been away on holiday for a while due to travel restrictions etc., now could be a great opportunity to splash out on a Cruise & Stay Holiday so you can visit multiple destinations that have been on your wishlist for a while.  

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion 

Many people choose to go on a Cruise & Stay Holiday to celebrate a special occasion. These types of breaks are popular with couples on honeymoon, people looking to get away for a landmark birthday or to start their retirement in style.  At Viva Cruise, we work hard behind the scenes to get you the best Cruise & Stay Deals at value for money prices. You shouldn’t need a big event or milestone in life in order to treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday.  Why settle for a city break or a beach holiday when you can benefit from both on the same trip? Your holiday should be an experience where you try new things, see famous sights, laugh like you haven’t laughed in ages, enjoy delicious dishes and new cuisines, and soak up the sun to boost your mood.  Whether you’re looking to get away this year or next, now’s the time to start planning your Cruise & Stay Holiday. Life should be an adventure.  

Set sail in style 

When you book with Viva Cruise, you’ll be sailing with the best cruise companies around. Depending on which Cruise & Stay Holiday you choose, you could be sailing on a vessel from Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, Cunard, MSC, Princess Cruises, Holland America, Celebrity Cruises and more.  If you’ve never been on a cruise ship before, you’ll want for nothing aboard any of these impressive liners. They all feature multiple decks with an outstanding range of things to see and do for all ages and tastes.  When you’re travelling with a young family, many cruises have kids clubs, cinemas, swimming pools, water slides and more to ensure there’s something to keep everyone entertained.  Some cruise ships have adults-only retreat areas where you can relax in style and spend precious time together if you’re travelling as a couple. We work with these renowned cruise companies to give you the best holiday experience and onboard service possible.  While there are so many incredible ports you can stop off at on your cruise, most cruises also have days where you’ll just be effortlessly making your way to your next destination. Having these fun days at sea can be a great way to recharge your batteries before disembarking to see what lies in waiting at the next port. For example, you might just want to lounge by the pool and bask in the sunshine with the relaxing sound of the ocean waves far below. In addition, many cruise ships have spa facilities, so maybe a nice massage or pedicure will be just the ticket for how you’re feeling?  The onboard accommodation is typically designed to suit all tastes and budgets. For example, you may want to splash out on a spacious suite or a room with a balcony. Alternatively, an interior room might be fine for your needs if you’re planning on being out on deck most of the time anyway. We can guide you through your accommodation options depending on your chosen trip and the ship you’re sailing on. Our holiday team has detailed knowledge of each ship and cruise line company, so they can give you the best advice to suit your needs.  

Combining convenience with your travel dreams 

Pre- and post-cruise stays are logistically convenient, allowing you to visit multiple locations as part of a holiday trip. Even if it’s just a day outing, at least you’ll be able to get a taste of what’s available.  Pre-cruise stays allow you to avoid the stress of rushing, leaving you feeling more relaxed when it’s time to embark. The last thing you want is to be scrambling around on the day or having to deal with flight delays because that is just not how you want to start your dream holiday.  If you want to enjoy your cruise first, there are also options with post-cruise stays where you can disembark without feeling as though your vacation is over and having to fly soon after your feet have touched dry land once again.  Arranging different activities and travel plans can be overwhelming and stressful, which is precisely the opposite of how you should feel on your holiday. Our Cruise and Stay Holidays combine convenience with your travel dreams so that you can sit back, relax, and simply enjoy the ride, knowing that we’ve taken care of everything for you.  If you have any special requests or need to talk to us about the itinerary on your chosen trip, just pick up the phone or send us a message, and we’ll be happy to help.  

Enjoy exquisite culinary experiences & cruise activities

There are just endless possibilities to enjoy if you think about it. The culinary experiences on cruises are in a league of their own. Not to mention, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in between hopping on and off the ship.  Imagine docking for the day at a sun-kissed Caribbean island and enjoying fresh, local seafood for lunch while gazing out over the ocean. At the other end of the scale, you might find yourself in Fabulous Las Vegas tucking into a delicious three-course dinner at a top hotel before you go and see an amazing musical show.  Cruise ships cater very well for all ages when it comes to onboard eating. From hot dogs, burgers and pizzas that you can grab on the go to formal fine dining with spectacular views of the horizon, you can choose whatever suits your mood on any given day.  While the day outings and different destinations let you explore and experience new things, let’s not forget that there are things to enjoy while on the cruise itself. Watch the sunset over the ocean with an ice-cold cocktail or nice glass of wine, enjoy an exquisite meal while watching an evening show, head to the pool for a quick dip and how about a bit of live music while enjoying some star gazing? If all of that is not the cherry on the cake, then what is?  

Your incredible holiday is only a call away 

If you haven’t booked your Cruise and Stay Holiday, what are you waiting for? Imagine relaxing in Barbados or heading off to the Caribbean for some sunbathing next to the fantastic warm turquoise waters. If cities are more your thing, think about New York, New OrleansLas Vegas, Miami or Orlando. Each of these has its own charm, vibe and famous places to explore. Some of our Cruise and Stay Holiday Deals combine more than one of these destinations. For example, your holiday might start with a trip to the Big Apple - strolling through Central Park, seeing a Broadway Show or admiring the views from The Empire State Building. Then you could find yourself in Miami, making the most of the shopping malls or brilliant beaches before you get ready for your Caribbean cruise.  Our top cruise packages can take you to Barbados, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Croatia, Jamaica, the Mediterranean, Mexico, Lake Garda, Greece and more. So if you want to escape the unpredictable British weather for a week or two and get some much-needed sunshine, these destinations will be right up your street.  There are countless incredible places to visit and things to see. No matter which package you book and which country you choose, we guarantee an unforgettable experience.  All our Cruise and Stay Holiday Packages are ATOL protected. We’re also members of ABTA and Cruise Lines International Association, so that you can book your break with complete confidence.  If you’re ready to book or simply have some more questions before deciding which holiday is right for you, get in touch with us now. We’re open 9am-9pm on weekdays and 9am-8pm on weekends.