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Why Choose a Cruise Over a Destination Holiday?

Why Choose a Cruise Over a Destination Holiday? 

Planning your next getaway? Could a cruise be a better option for your next holiday than a classic destination trip? 

Modern cruise ships are a destination in themselves, providing delights across an array of eateries and entertainment in every form from show nights to watersports. A cruise is tailored to your needs, with a package to suit even the most adventurous traveller, as well as those looking for a quiet escape to rest and unwind.

The freedom to explore multiple locations

Had a dream of exploring America or the Caribbean but could never decide on which destination for your stay? A cruise allows you to see it all, in comfort, as you can visit all your dream destinations without troubling traffic or navigating public transport abroad. 

Entertainment everywhere (and most of it’s free!) 

On a destination holiday, there may be entertainment available in your hotel, but options tend to be limited, whereas on a cruise there is entertainment galore. You will find cruise entertainment to suit everyone’s taste, and the best thing about it is that most of it’s free! 

The perfect opportunity to meet new people 

One of the unique benefits of a cruise is the experience you share with people you meet onboard. Whether that be at dinner or as day-trippers on excursions, a cruise is a great way to make friends. Special interest cruises are a particularly good option if you’re looking to meet new people. 

Suitable for all ages 

Cruises can cater for all ages, from newborns to pensioners, with some liners offering themed experiences from Disney to Disco. The majority of cruises are family-friendly and will offer babysitting options and kids’ clubs. Of course, there are adult-only liners for those romantic getaways or for ultimate retirement relaxation. 

Value for money 

Gone are the days when cruising was reserved for only the wealthiest. With so many ships now at sea, prices have become much more competitive, making luxury affordable to all. In fact, when taking into account travel, hotels and food, all-inclusive cruises can cost less than destination holidays. All-inclusive options also make your holiday easy to budget as you know all your needs onboard are covered.  

You’ll never be hungry  

Food glorious food! From buffets to banqueting, you’ll be spoilt for choice, and that’s just onboard ship. Shore days will also give you the opportunity to try local delights and delicacies. 

Hassle free travel (and no fly options) 

The joy of cruising means you are travelling to breathtaking locations while relaxing and enjoying all the ship has to offer. For those who don’t like, or wish to avoid flying, no fly cruises are your best holiday option. Our British Isles cruise is perfect for those looking to experience everything a cruise has to offer, without having to travel too far from home.  

If you are considering a cruise for your next holiday, let us inspire you with our latest collection of unmissable deals and destinations. 


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