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What to Pack for your First Cruise

About to hit the high seas for your maiden voyage? Check out our top packing tips for your first cruise. 

What to Pack for your First Cruise  

About to hit the high seas for your maiden voyage? Check out our top packing tips for your first cruise

What you need for where you’re going 

It may seem obvious, but the location of your cruise will determine most of what you need to pack. If you’re heading out on a Caribbean adventure, be sure to pack light clothing for hot weather and don’t forget your swimwear for hitting the beach in Barbados. On the other hand, if you’re headed to colder climates like on an Alaskan cruise – pack practical clothing to keep you cosy. An unexpected summer cruise must-have is a light jacket to avoid the chill of the crisp sea air when stargazing on deck at night. 

Dress codes 

As well as packing for the weather, you should also consider cruise dress codes. Although not as strict as they used to be, many liners do still have clothing stipulations for dining areas and formal evenings. Make sure to have appropriate formal wear, and shoes, as the no trainer rule is still applicable in most cruise dining rooms. It’s unlikely you will ever have to go full Tuxedo and Prom gown, although some ships will offer formal clothing hire if you desire to go all-out for the occasion.

Travel essentials 

Setting sail for the first time may be exciting, but for some, it may also be a bit daunting. Seasickness pills, paracetamol and medicines for stomach upsets will be available on board, but they will cost more than if you buy in advance. Pack a mini first aid kit to cover every possibility. Also, be sure to take enough sun cream for those sunny destinations! 

Be practical and prepared 

A little bit of preparation will help you avoid any first-time cruise faux pas. Pack sundresses or shorts and t-shirts that are easy to pop on over your swimwear, and don’t forget, you’ll need flip flops for pool areas. Pack practically for activities and excursions, and make sure you’ve got a backpack for those island explorations. A pair of closed-toe, comfortable shoes are essential for walking, as you wouldn’t want to explore somewhere like the Grand Canyon in flip flops. You’ll also need your glad rags if there are any special events scheduled in your itinerary, like a Las Vegas show as in our Grand Canyon/New York/ Las Vegas stay with Mexican Riviera Cruise.  


Although you’ll find basics such as shower gel or shampoo in your room, it’s best to take your own products. We all have our personal favourites, so make a list of what you use during your daily routine and check off each item as you pack. Don’t forget the toothpaste!  

Don’t overpack, leave space for souvenirs 

It may be tempting to fill your suitcase until it’s bursting at the seams, but try not to overpack. Be practical and take what you need, leaving that little extra space for goodies and gifts from your adventures at sea.

If you’ve decided it’s time for your first cruise experience, be sure to check out our current cruise deals



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