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Imagine an all-inclusive cruise deal that just gets better as you cruise the open seas from one bucket list destination to another. During the planning stages, it’s about looking for a deal that ticks all the right boxes so that you can have peace of mind that what you signed up for is what you’ll get (plus a little more). 

Whether it’s exotic drinks, great Wi-Fi or just those extra perks for a pick-me-up, we’ve got you covered. Check out our amazing all-inclusive cruise deals and book your next holiday with Viva Cruise today.

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More About The Benefits of All-Inclusive Drinks Packages Onboard The Cruise Ships  

There’s nothing worse than being surprised with a long bill at the end of your holiday.  On most cruise ships, the variety of drinks options are unlimited! There’s pretty much everything your heart desires and more.You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to our favourite beverages. 

Not only are there alcoholic options but there are tasty virgin mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages as well.  

There may be drinkers that opt for the finer things in life. So, there needs to be a guarantee that premium cognacs or select whiskeys will be on offer and that there won’t be additional costs or unwanted surprises incurred for the more sophisticated palette.  

Here’s A Taste Of Some Of The Cruise Line Drink Packages 

Each cruise liner provides a unique drinks experience that allows cruisers to feel like they are in for a treat.   Whether it’s hopping aboard the Princess Cruises, joining a Celebrity Cruises, making memories on an MSC Cruise, being part of an extravaganza on the Carnival Cruise Line or experiencing a one of kind experience on the Norwegian Cruise Line, the best thing is that you’ll know your drinks are sorted for the journey.  We make sure that there’s no room for disappointment. There’s a drink package suitable for all palettes so that you can have the best all inclusive cruise experience possible.   

Princess Cruise Line

Experience cruising like royalty when opting for the Princess Plus that includes drinks, Wi-Fi as well as gratuities. With the Princess Plus option from only £30pp per day, there’s a Premier Beverage Package (including tips).  As a cruiser, you’ll be able to indulge in a cocktail menu that is sure to suit taste buds all around! There is also an extensive list of wines, beers, coffees, smoothies for the health-conscious folk and bottled water, of course. It’s always important to stay hydrated! 

As the cruise sets off, guests may feel like getting in the mood with a few cocktails for pre-dinner drinks. At dinner, they may want to sip on a refreshing glass of white wine or perhaps pair a steak with an exquisite red or a crisp local or international beer.  The good news is that there’s something for everyone on our all-inclusive cruise deals, for every mood and for every occasion. And, the best part is that all the costs have been factored in already. It’s a win-win situation all around as you can enjoy drinks without worrying about the bill.  

WiFi and amenities

If you or a family member is someone who needs to be connected to their mobile devices at all times, we’ve got you covered. Wi-Fi is unlimited with a top of the range internet package. This allows you to keep in touch and stay abreast of what’s happening in the real world - without the concern of being disconnected.  If your guilty pleasure is watching your favourite TV shows, streaming these will be a breeze! And, if you really have to check your emails, which we hope you don't, the connectivity is good enough for that too. 

Drinks for all  

Onboard the Princess Cruises, each cocktail has a story..

Fancy something a little sweeter than a cocktail? Why not indulge in some dessert drinks after dinner if you want something a little fancier than ice cream and chocolate sauce.  The wines onboard are both world-class and award-winning. For the coffee lovers, the espressos are in a class of their own. If you feel like something more refreshing, an iced frappe is a delicious choice.. With professional baristas onboard, you won’t be disappointed.  

Worried about gratuities? Well, don’t be! You can rest assured we look after our crew the same way that we look after you so we’ve got that sorted on your behalf.  

Celebrity Cruises

No matter where you book a Celebrity Cruise, it’s standard on this cruise line to include drinks, Wi-Fi and tips. Sounds like the dream, right?  All the detail that goes into planning a vacation should be smooth sailing from start to finish. Celebrity cruises are all about convenience and relaxation with a touch of luxury with access to the most popular amenities.  You’ll be spoilt for choice with drinks ranging from:

- spirits

- wines

- cocktails

- liqueurs

- beers

- frozen beverages

- juices

- sodas

- coffees.

These are just a part of the extensive array of drinks that Celebrity cruise packages offer. 

Everything you need and more

For those who regard technology as their best friend, the Wi-Fi is great and all guests have internet access. Maybe you need to do some browsing to check out the next destination or show friends the luxury you’re living in? A video call would work perfectly.  No need to worry about tips, those are all factored in and taken care of. One less thing to think about so that you can enjoy your all-inclusive cruise deals without any stress.  Celebrity Cruise’s new pricing strategy includes drinks, tips and Wi-Fi as part of the Classic Beverage Package, which is all included in your cruise fare.    

MSC Cruises 

The Fantastica Experience and its Premium Drinks Package might just be a deciding factor for an MSC Cruise. Who doesn’t need a bit of excitement in their lives after a long year at work? This deal offers just that inclusive of drinks and gratuities. MSC Cruises are well known for their strict health and safety regulations and, along with the added benefits, it makes one of these cruises an offer that’s difficult to turn down.  The plus about this Premium Drinks Package is that it’s included in the fare when making the decision to upgrade to the Fantastica Experience.  

Think “best of the best” when sailing through the magical Mediterranean and docking at the best ports such as the Canary Islands and Barcelona while sipping on a signature cocktail. Or, opt for a tropical-style drink when heading to the islands of the Caribbean after a Miami experience.  Picture the Pearls of Northern Europe as you set sail to the Fjords from Southampton. If it's the enchantment of the Emirates that you’re after, there are many options to choose from that depart from Dubai.  

Making this all-inclusive cruise deal even sweeter, there’s a Winter cruise option filled with itineraries that take you on a global journey across the world. The choice is yours to travel to sought-after destinations and marvel at beautiful views while being at sea and feeling the warm sun on your skin.

Carnival Cruise Line 

As the name depicts, Carnival Cruises are full of endless fun - with every drink to match the occasion The colourful drinks menu will have you sipping on spirits, cognacs, cocktails and whiskies. If spirits aren’t your drink of choice,, there’s an array of wines, beers and champagne by the glass to choose from with a $20 USD or lower menu price per serving.  

Opting for something non-alcoholic? Then there are sodas, frozen cocktails, juices and smoothies. Or, if you need a boost, there are energy drinks, coconut and Vitamin water and ice teas.  There’s also ample water in the restaurants and in the main dining rooms to keep you nice and hydrated on your all-inclusive cruise deal.  Think about all the amenities and activities where you can enjoy your refreshments while on the Carnival Cruise Line - maybe enjoying a show with bottomless bubbly, for example. 

Knowing that, as a cruiser, all drinks have been catered for makes the journey even more memorable.  With the Carnival Cruise Line, you also get 25% off the menu price for spirits, cocktails or wine by the glass if they exceed $20 USD per serving or 25% off for wine and champagne by the bottle. You can also score 25% off beverage seminars and classes.

Norwegian Cruise Line 

Known for what they call ‘Freestyle Cruising’, this cruise experience is one that allows for freedom. In other words, you can leave all your worries behind.  But, let’s talk about drinks. This ‘free-at-sea’ deal offers two options from the following choices: a free open bar, speciality dining, shore excursions, Wi-Fi and kids activities.  

With the Premium Beverage Package, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic branded liquor is served in bars around the ship, for the duration of the cruise. If you choose the Speciality Dining Package, there are five different dining options in the selected speciality restaurants.  

Need some Wi-Fi? The Wi-Fi package includes up to 500 minutes per stateroom. When opting for the Shore Excursion package, there’s a $50 shore excursion credit per stateroom. There’s also a Family and Friends deal where guests three and four only pay the tax that is applicable for the cruise. (Take note of the applicability of this option as it is for select sailings only.)

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