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10 Things You Should Know Before Going on a Cruise

Avoid those rookie cruiser mistakes and ensure you’re fully prepared for your dream cruise holiday by following our first-time cruise advice. 

1. How to find the best deal 

To find the best cruise deal, book well in advance or at the last minute to find discounted rates. You can also find great cruise deals in the off season, or “shoulder” season. The more flexible you are with dates and locations, the more likely you are to find a cheaper deal. 

2. Preventing motion sickness 

When it comes to avoiding travel sickness, invest in some sea bands, and pack motion sickness pills just in case you need them. When booking, ask for a room on a lower deck and close to the centre of the ship.  

3. Is all-inclusive best? 

An all-inclusive cruise gives you the luxury and peace of mind of not having to worry about additional costs. All you’ll need is a little spending money for shore days. An all-inclusive cruise experience is hard to beat. 

4. Food – Where? When? What’s on offer? 

A cruise offers you the incredible opportunity to sample a fantastic variety of food, from buffet-style options, main dining areas, formal dining and speciality restaurants. Dining areas have scheduled times, but there will be food or snacks available on the ship 24/7. Shore days will also give you the opportunity to experience local cuisines. 

5. Free activities 

The great thing about cruising is that the majority of onboard entertainment is free! Pools, play areas and evening entertainment are just a few free options included in most cruise packages. You can even try something new like a lip sync battle on a Caribbean cruise

6. Room Service 

Fancy some breakfast in bed on the open sea? All cruises will provide room service, but it will depend on your cruise package whether the service is free or if you have to splash a little extra cash. 

7. Cruising with children  

Many cruises have exceptional entertainment programmes for children, with some liners offering themed cruises specifically for children and families. Family-friendly cruises will have kids’ clubs where the children can meet friends and make memories while mum and dad have some R&R. 

8. Staying connected with Internet/Wifi 

Always make sure your roaming is switched off to avoid unpleasant additional charges. Internet is included in some all-inclusive packages, but not all, so be sure to check rates when you book. 

9. Boredom 

You will not have the chance to be bored with so much to do onboard and onshore. From pools and beaches to adventure and limitless entertainment, you will not be disappointed. Don’t forget to plan and book any shore excursions in advance. 

10. Dress code 

Dress codes do exist though they tend to be less strict than they used to be. Pack a formal outfit for dining and formal evenings, as well as sundresses or shorts and t-shirts to put over your swimwear when heading to, or from, the pool. 

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